Charity Row For Ahoy 2023

On the calm waters of the river Thames, a remarkable event unfolded this past May, bringing together passionate rowers, enthusiastic volunteers, and a shared commitment to making a difference. The annual JAC Rowing Event 2023 for The AHOY Centre charity, showcased the incredible power of unity and determination, leaving an indelible mark on both participants and beneficiaries alike.

The seeds of the event were sown months in advance, as a dedicated team of organisers from both JAC and AHOY came together to transform a vision into reality. Fuelled by a common desire to support The AHOY Centre, the event aimed not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness about the cause’s importance in the community.

Against the backdrop of London’s famous landmarks, in the warm sunshine rowing enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered at the starting point in Chelsea. As oars met water and boats glided gracefully (sometimes!), the rhythmic strokes created a symphony of unity and harmony. Novice rowers and seasoned athletes alike found themselves united by the shared challenge and the cause that propelled them forward.

The rowing event was more than just a race; the crews seized the opportunity to connect with fellow rowers, forging new friendships and deepening their sense of community. The event’s spirit of empowerment extended beyond the waters, inspiring the crews to reach beyond their limits – ignoring the pain (and the blisters!) and contribute to something greater than themselves.

From the heartwarming camaraderie during the training sessions and group warm up to the intense yet friendly competition that followed, the event was filled with moments of triumph and inspiration. We’re massively proud of our JAC crew; Lee Talbot, Oliver Tice, Tobi Shadare, Prabhasha Limbachia, Josh Potter, and Lewis Reyes who completed the 8.5 mile course in just over an hour – a very respectable time!

This year we were delighted to compete against OD Group who were keen to join our challenge. In the nail-biting final moments, as the crews approached the finishing line, OD Group pipped us to the post by just two minutes, becoming the winners of the prestigious JAC Rowing Trophy. A huge well done to all involved!

The event’s fundraising efforts yielded remarkable results, smashing our initial target of £2,500 we managed to raise £3,900 for the AHOY Centre charity. The impact of these contributions will be felt by all those receiving charity support, in ways that promise to be transformative.

As the waters of the event settle, the impact of this remarkable day continues to unfold. The bonds forged, the connections made, and the funds raised are all testament to the spirit of generosity and determination that define our community.

We remain committed to building on this success and look forward to next year when we do it all again. Fancy taking part? Find out more about this amazing charity The Ahoy Centre Charity

The AHOY Centre is a water sports-based charity that uses sailing and rowing to help change the lives of disadvantaged, at-risk and disabled youth. They break down social barriers and organise innovative activities and courses. Through water sports the AHOY Charity Centre builds important, transferable, and employable life skills while bringing together a community helping others.