Confidential Media Project

JAC Group are pleased to have successfully completed an extraordinary project for a renowned media and newspaper group.

Tasked with relocating their circa 1500-strong office team to a temporary 125,000 square-foot space across the road, JAC faced numerous challenges along the journey.

One of the many complex aspects was coordinating and facilitating the installation of a backup generator into an extremely space-limited loading bay within a grade 2 listed building. Careful coordination with the heritage consultant, contractor, and mechanical and electrical teams and not forgetting the landlord, local council and neighbours resulted in the generator being operational on time and as requested.

As this is a temporary relocation, our client emphasised the importance of reusing existing office services while still incorporating specialised facilities, such as a photo studio, two gyms, a recording studio, fully catered kitchen, and multiple sound booths. The project demanded exceptional planning within a restricted budget and an incredibly fast timeline.

Through careful management, innovative solutions, and a dedicated team, we are proud of the results.

A flexible approach allowed us to tackle unexpected challenges as they arose. As a result, the office team experienced a smooth transition to their new space, and with minimal disruption to their 7-day-a-week, 24-hour operation. Compliance with the grade 2 listed building regulations was managed successfully and the new office space meets all our client’s unique requirements.

We are proud to showcase our ability to deliver results within a fast-paced timeline and an ever-changing scope.

Project size: 125,000 sq ft

Sector: Media & Newspaper

Location: 9 Derry Street, London

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